Part 12. Soft Magnetic Metal Powder Cores



Ferrite Domen Co. is the long - time leading company which performs R&D and manufacture of all classes and types of soft magnetic materials. Besides, it also deals with the cores produced on the base of metal powders of Molybdenum Permalloy (MPP cores) and Permalloy 50% Ni (High Flux cores).

The metal powder cores have some important features used effectively in communication and electrotechnic power circuits:

High specific resistance

Low hysteresis losses

High saturation flux density

Excellent stability of induction in AC and DC

High long-term stability of parameters

Polyamide 11 (Rilsan) 100% coating against voltage breakdown of 4 kV to 8 kV, according to specific orders.


Download Soft Magnetic Metal Powder Cores Catalog ( 120 KB)