Key Areas of Activities

Through over 50 years, Ferrite Domen Company´s main focus is on microwave technology. The wide spectrum of microwave materials (garnets, spinels, hexaferrites, ceramics) as well as complete line of microwave devices provide the special forte to our position both in domestic and world markets, where our niche is quality and value.
Our broad range of microwave ferrite devices are operational at frequencies from 30 MHz to 170 GHz and are used in military, commercial, medical and scientific applications.


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  We have developed and manufacture components based on soft ferrites and metallic powders and produce extralight microwave & infrared absorbing material.
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At Ferrite Domen Co., customer focus is of the utmost importance in our quality policy. Ferrite microwave devices and materials manufactured for commercial use go through the same stringent quality control as military and space products. This guarantees that microwave performance and procedures are in accordance with military specifications. Our Quality Management Systems comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 Standard.