Part 8. Garnets, Ferrite Spinel & Hexaferrite

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Ferrite Domen Co. performing R&D and production of all kind of microwave garnets, spinels, hexaferrites, and absorbing ferrites used in various components of broad spectrum of radio engineering facilities such as radar antennas, telecommunication complexes including mobile satellite stations, electronic countermeasure systems, high power devices of particle accelerators, different contactless measuring/sensor instruments, the list can go on-and-on.

Microwave Garnets

1. Yttrium Garnets

2. YIG - Al doped

3. Narrow Line Width Garnets


3.1. YIG - Ca doped


3.2. YIG –Ca, V doped

4. YIG – Gd, Al doped

5. YIG - Gd, In doped

Microwave Spinel

6. Nickel ferrite spinels

7. Lithium ferrite spinels

8. Lithium ferrite spinels with excellent square loop properties

9. Manganese ferrite spinels

Hot-pressed Microwave Garnet & Spinel

10. YIG, hot-pressed - for high peak power devices

11. Nickel ferrite spinels, hot-pressed

Microwave Hexaferrite

12. Hexaferrites

13. High density hexaferrites


Download Garnets, Ferrite Spinels & Hexaferrites Catalog (210 KB)