Part 9. Microwave Ceramics

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Ferrite Domen Company presents two groups of microwave ceramics with dielectric constant 4 up to 140 for microwave products operational in wide frequency and temperature ranges, powders for LTCC tape casting.


Microwave Ceramics

1. High-Q Microwave Ceramic gives wide choice of applications addressing everything from substrates to microwave ferrite devices such as circulators, isolators, phase shifters. Dielectric substrates are used in hybrid IC, filters, delay lines, etc.

2. Thermostable Microwave Ceramic was developed for realization of dielectric resonators featuring high quality factor (Q) and excellent stability of temperature coefficient of frequency. These devices are widely used in low-noise frequency converters, dielectric high-stable oscillators of communication equipment, detectors of radar radiation, microwave filters, generators of microwave signals, etc.

3. Powder for LTCC Tape Casting was designed for RF and microwave multilayer substrates using the Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology.



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