About us

Ferrite Domen Company (FDC) from St. Petersburg, Russia was established in 1959 as the first and the only state-run enterprise responsible for R&D and manufacturing of ferrite products. In fact, the whole domestic ferrite industry got up based on technologies and products developed at FDC under expertise and supervision of its specialists. The most part of Company´s technologies and product designs had been transferred to mass-production Russian plants.
Today, FDC remains the No. 1 company among the Russian manufacturers of ferrite products. Every national program in defense electronics, space exploration and communication includes our ferrite products being the integral parts of key electronic systems.
Through all its years, the Company´s main focus is on microwave technology. The wide assortment of microwave materials (garnets, spinels, hexaferrites, ceramics) as well as full line of RF & microwave devices provide the special forte to our position both at the domestic and at the world markets, where our niche is high quality and customization of products.



Legal Status:

1959 - 2003: State-owned R&D Institute
Transformation into Open Joint Stock Ferrite Domen Company, part of a holding OJSC "Russian Electronics"



FDC’s fully equipped facility is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Floor space of research laboratories and production area numbers 9000 sq. m.


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